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Mark Sander Purif Success Story

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Success Story

Having just completed the Purification Program I have obtained a healthier, more lively body. I haven't felt like I do right now, probably ever, or if so, dating back to my early high school years.

I am very alert and aware of everything around me. I really do feel as if I have no more toxins within me. I haven't worried about many problems and I have obtained decent sleep at night. Likewise, during the day, I don't crave for that nap I used to take and I'm finding things to fill my days whereas I didn't before. I used to be tired in the evenings and I am sure it was because of all the drugs I've taken for pain and of all the alcohol I have consumed. By flushing these toxins out I feel more alert and not as sluggish and lazy late in the evenings.

Most importantly, I feel ready to begin a productive training regimen in which I see tremendous results.

Mark Sander
Miami Dolphins

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 December 2009 07:07