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Ryan Grigson Purif Success Story

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Success Story

While doing the purification program, I experienced the release of many toxins, especially during the first week. As the program went along, I was able to detect and specify more residuals coming out. I noticed a change in my skin color and my sense of smell has been enhanced. I am able to focus better on someone speaking. I tend to be more joyful in my daily
activities and I don't lay around in the morning for an hour trying to get up. I hop out of bed a lot quicker now.

I also alleviated some tendonitis in my knee in which the soreness is completely gone! I find it easier to enjoy life's simplicities. I also feel relieved that I have gotten rid of the drugs I had in me from my long hospital stays in college.

I don't feel as dreary or as lethargic as I used to and I am very cautious as to what I put into my body now. I feel a sense of well being like I had back in high school

Ryan Grigson
Detroit Lions