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Nesby L. Glasgow Purif Success Story

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Sportech, why do it? For me, it was simple. We make decisions each and every day that affect our health. We never realize the magnitude until it's too late. The purification program gave me the opportunity to regain control of my body. Health, nutrition and fitness are very important to me. After listening to the Sportech consultant explain the program, I knew I had to try it. He told me what to expect and the reactions my body would have at each stage. He gave me a complete roadmap and kept me on course. It took me three and a half weeks to complete the program. My energy level and state of mind improved significantly after completing the program. I feel very comfortable recommending Sportech. If improving your state of mind and staying healthy are important, then you should definitely detox with Sportech.

Nesby L. Glasgow
Seattle Seahawks