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Thomas A. Sullivan Purif Success Story

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My name is Thomas Sullivan and I am a retired member of the National Football League. The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to play in the League for seven years. I played six years in Philadelphia and one year in Cleveland. I enjoyed a modest career as a running back, being the fifth leading ground gainer and pass receiver in the League in 1973. In 1974, I was the leading scorer by the ground game. I also have several 100 yard games to my credit.

If I had known of the Purification process during my football career, I am certain that my productivity level would have been much greater. My personal life would have been enhanced also. With knowledge comes power and with power comes self-confidence, with self-confidence comes longevity and so on down the line. The Purification process is a healthy, wealthy and wise way to put your mind and body into the most productive state possible.


Thomas A. Sullivan