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What is the Purification Program?

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The Purification Program is all about improving reaction time, increasing endurance level, bettering concentration, speeding up recovery time, reducing fatigue and more.

The regimen involves a process, which removes toxic chemicals, drugs, preservatives, pesticides, etc. that are trapped in the fatty tissue of the body.

Are there other methods of removing toxic chemicals/rom the body?

To some degree ... yes. The body does have its own natural system for detoxification of the blood via the liver. Some people have used enemas and fasting. Others have tried herbs or other nutrients to accomplish the detoxification. However, none of the above are capable of breaking down and removing from the fatty tissue, recreational, therapeutic or the industrial strength chemicals such as PCBs, DDTs etc. which can play havoc on the central nervous system. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), industrial chemicals have been proven to be present in virtually all human beings.

What do toxic chemicals have to do with you?

While most Americans would not consider themselves victims of hazardous waste contamination, the effects of environmental chemicals on nearly everyone is well worth understanding.

In the past few decades, well over 4 million chemical compounds have been formulated. There are currently some 55,000 chemicals in commercial production. Many new chemicals may be in use for years before tests are completed to determine their health effects. An average of 10 million pounds of toxic waste are dumped in the United States every hour, over 80 billion pounds a year. Ninety percent of this is disposed of improperly according to the EPA. Three thousand chemicals are now deliberately added to foods, while tons of insecticides are directly applied to the environment every year.

So every year the human body is exposed to a countless number of toxic chemicals. The residuals from these chemicals, which are oil base in composition, become trapped in the body and are stored in the fatty tissue. Because some of these chemicals are of industrial nature and are designed to withstand harsh conditions, once they enter the system it is very difficult if not impossible, for the body to rid itself of these toxins. The residuals from painkillers, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, etc. that an athlete may use also store in the fatty tissue. The radiation from x-rays can also store in the body as well as radiation from the sun.

What toxins are removed during the Purification Program?

Medicinal drugs
Food preservatives
Muscle relaxants
Sleeping pills
Chemical wastes (PCPs, DDTs etc.)
Street drugs (such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, angel dust, mescaline, peyote, marijuana etc. to name a few)
Air pollutants
Radiation (from sun, x-rays etc.)

How do toxins get into the body and where are they stored?

To begin with, many chemicals, such as PCBs, were formulated primarily to resist decomposition under demanding circumstances - high heat, contact with corrosive chemicals or proximity to electrical currents. Once these chemicals get into the environment and make their way into the human body, directly or through a food chain, they do not break down.

Many of the most toxic substances are "bio-accumulative." This term refers to the body's storage of foreign chemicals in cell tissues, particularly in the fat. In other words, many of the pollutants, drugs and chemicals you were exposed to or ingested years or even decades ago are still in your body today. While many athletes do not consider themselves fat, much of the nervous system itself and the supporting structures of the nerve cells in the brain have a high fat content. A variety of chemicals may store in these areas, and the effect may be cumulative. In other words, one may not have a high level of any single chemical in the body. But, the cumulative effect of exposure to many toxic substances in food, air, water and the home and work environments may bring about the symptoms of toxicity.

What negative effects do these trapped toxins have on your body?

During times of stress, illness or periods without food, some of these chemicals move out of the fat, and low levels of toxic chemicals can usually be found in the blood. This means that any organ accessible to the blood is chronically exposed to toxins. This is one reason why even minute levels of toxic chemicals can be hazardous to health.

If these chemicals would just stay in the fat then one could say, "Who cares?" Right? The problem is that as an individual exerts physical energy, the body starts to burn fat for energy, thus temporarily releasing toxic chemicals back into the blood stream. These chemicals can cause a lower level of concentration, slower reaction time, a decrease in energy level and can also reduce one's endurance level. The symptoms of low level toxicity are often not recognized as such. They include boredom, fatigue, inability to concentrate, irritability, headaches, allergy problems, digestive difficulties and muscular aches, pains and twitching.

Let's view the athlete's body in comparison to a high performance engine. The high performance engine burns gasoline as fuel allowing the engine to run. The lower the quality of fuel one puts into the engine, the lower the level of performance from the engine one can expect. If you continue to run low-grade fuel in the engine, it will start to get engine build-up, work harder and eventually break down.

The athlete consumes food, which is converted into fuel. Having a build-up of toxic chemicals, the body is unable to utilize the full value of the nutrients from the food. This is because the pollutants and compounds are metabolized in the body using the same enzyme systems and metabolic pathways as nutrients. They therefore interfere with normal metabolism and the normal positive activities of nutrients.

A condition is created similar to the low-grade fuel in the high performance engine. As a result, the athlete needs to work harder and fatigues quicker. More wear and tear is placed on the body. Problems with endurance and stamina can be magnified by toxic chemicals. Fatigue and lack of concentration can and do lead to injuries. Poor concentration and reaction time, muscle problems including limberness, and insufficient stamina and strength can make the difference between winning and losing.

Once the athlete completes the Purification Program and is detoxed, the body is like that of the high performance engine that has been overhauled. Put in the proper fuel and nutrients from a good nutritional program and the athlete can now reach for a new level of performance.

How can one get into the best shape possible?

In order to increase performance, one must concentrate on two approaches. One is to improve the quality of nutrients, and the second is to decrease the amount of foreign chemicals in the body.

How does tile Purification Program work?

Simplified, the program consists of aerobic exercise, sauna, polyunsaturated oils (to help "persuade" the body to give up toxic fat for clean fat), and nutritional supplements (vitamins and minerals) centered around the novel use of gradually increasing doses of Niacin (vitamin B3) to promote the release of toxins from fat tissues.

Because of the quantities of niacin and because of the heat of the sauna the program can also have the affect of handling absorbed radiation (exposure to sun, x-rays, etc.).

The regimen lasts anywhere from 14-21 days (average), 7 days a week. We can deliver the program at our facility or yours. Three to five hours are spent each day on the program, which consist of 20~30 minutes of aerobic exercise and the remaining time sweating in a sauna. Normal workouts even when sweating is intense do not rid the body of all the toxins, however, they can release bits of them into the system. The vitamins, nutrients and oils consumed during the program are taken in exact amounts and are monitored daily and are instrumental in allowing the body to release the toxins from the fatty tissue.

As toxins and drug deposits are flushed and sweated out of the body, extra vitamins and minerals are required ~

-to repair the damage done by drugs and toxins, ~to rebuild the tissue and cells,

·and to restore the body's biochemical balance.

The time in the sauna is broken up with brief cool down periods as necessary and entertainment facilities are available if desired. Some people like to read and relax while others prefer games or movies. We do our best to help the time pass as pleasantly as possible. The regimen is closely supervised to ensure the best possible results.

If you need to be on the road, we can accommodate your schedule.

What happens once a person completes tile Purification Program?

Once you complete the regimen we start you on a nutritional program with the purest and highest quality vitamins and minerals we have found to date.

Sportech is here to help you with your career. You are very good at what you do or you wouldn't be a professional athlete. We want you to have that .fl quarter competitive edge so that when other athletes are slowing down from fatigue, you are still going strong.

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