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Welcome to Sportech Detox for Athletes

Walter Jones Purif Success Story

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Success Story

When I first started the program I really thought that it wasn't going to work. Now that I'm finished with the program I feel much purer than before. I mean that I feel clean and I can breathe better. My focus has gotten much better. When I run or lift weights, my recovery time is much quicker than before. Also, my energy level has increased since I've been on this program.

Every day I did the program I would just feel better each day. So, it has helped me in every way. The way that I feel, I would recommend the program to anyone. It's been great Thanks.

Walter Jones
Seattle Seahawks


Lance Johnstone Purif Success Story

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After going thru the purification program with Sportech I have noticed wonderful results.

My overall well being has definitely gotten better. I've noticed an increase in my endurance during workouts and my recovery time during practice is better than ever before.

My skin has cleared up and is a lot softer as well


Lance Johnstone
Minnesota Vikings


Alan Grant Purif Success Story

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Success Story

Perhaps the biggest obstacle I face on a regular basis is a good night's sleep. Of course, when one doesn't have a decent period of rest time, it is often neglected in that person's ensuing activities.

Since completing the Purification Program I can honestly say that I have been sleeping much better and on a consistent basis.

As a professional athlete, the gains from successful sleeping habits are immeasurable! My workouts have been better because my energy level has increased. I can attribute this to my completion of the Purification Program.

Alan Grant


Willie Williams Purif Success Story

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The purification program is worth the time and effort by the individual that is really concerned about their body. For me, the program has done wonders. I feel like I'm 22 years old again.

I have more energy and faster recovery time after a workout It seems like I'm light on my feet. By finishing the program, it seems to have lifted a burden off my back, meaning I felt like something was holding me down from performing at my best

Going through the program has disciplined me on eating the right foods and drinking healthy. I want to thank Sportech for being there with me through the program.


Willie Williams
Seattle Seahawks


Karl Wilson Purif Success Story

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Success Story

It has been two days since I have finished the purification program and my body feels great I have lifted weights both of those days.

I started working with a personal trainer two days before I finished the program. The first time I worked out we worked out for three hours and it was very strenuous on my body. Today, I worked on my upper body and I noticed a big improvement with my strength and endurance.

We did the same exercises, even adding two exercises to the workout, which took three and one-half hours, and my body feels 100% better than it did the first time I did my trainer's program.

Karl Wilson
Buffalo Bills


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