Bob Adams Purif Success Story

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May 31, 1991

Four years after my retirement from pro football I did the Purification Program developed by researcher, writer L. Ron Hubbard. The following statement is my opinion of this process.


I hold a Masters of Arts degree in physical education and played tight-end in the National Football League for eight seasons. I played with the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and Atlanta. After retirement, I founded a fitness and physical therapy clinic. I have a fairly solid background in exercise physiology, nutrition and have a personal interest in pharmacology and toxicology, especially when related to sports.

Prior to participating in this program I was aware that many toxins remained in the body for possibly years after entering the system and therefore might explain certain disease symptoms or even predisposition to disease in many cases. However, it was not until I did the program that I realized what a hazard a polluted system could do to harm performance in an athlete.

Though I had little drug history, I had received two major operations, had lots of Novocain, analgesics including prescription pain killers, muscle relaxants, cold medications, aspirin, "and had inhaled polluted city air, drank polluted water and even survived two years in a men's dormitory during my college days, sometimes four to a room! Yet, I was skeptical that this program could sweat any more toxins out of me than I had sweat-out during my athletic career or through many saunas and steams through the years.

The "Purif" works and it works because it is built on a practical and workable theory while thoroughly tested in practice to ensure its workability. This regimen is a must for any athlete wishing to ensure top performance by clearing out all the accumulated junk stored in the body's fatty tissues. Toxins worsen reaction time and perceptions, thus making a slower, duller athlete. If you lose your quickness you can lose your job while dullness equals mistakes and mistakes get you cut or injured.

Drugs and other toxins and athletics don't mix. Toxins and life don't mix. As an active athlete today, I am very grateful that I was able to do this program even after I retired, as I know it has improved and extended my life.

Bob Adams

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