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Here at Sportech, we have the ability to produce that possible fourth quarter competitive edge-that extra ingredient that just might make the difference between winning or losing any game right on through the playoffs.

Drugs, both street and over-the-counter--including pain killers, steroids, pesticides, food preservatives, air pollutants and other harmful, life hostile toxic chemicals--are trapped in the fatty tissue of the human body. As an individual starts to exercise and sweat, these accumulated drugs and toxins release back into the bloodstream. Both mental and physical sharpness are blunted as these toxins and drugs reactivate in the body. The pain killer once used for a bruised knee may become the drug causing the lack of concentration in the wide receiver who just ran the wrong route or missed that perfect game-winning pass. Or it could be the cause of the running back's running out of steam just yards before the end zone.

With a very exact program of detoxification, we can safely remove these drugs and toxins from the body without negatively affecting your physical stamina. There are no other known and proven programs that can accomplish this result. The end product is a player freed from the drugs and toxins that were trapped in his body. This regimen is about improving reaction time, increasing endurance level, quicker recovery time and less fatigue.

Contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information or to schedule your program. Enrollment is limited. You may also contact us at (561) 792-9780.


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